Saturday, November 1, 2014


For Halloween this year we went to our churches Trunk-or-Treat. We decided to bring along a Bumble Bee Transformer and a Kangaroo. They were the best company ever. Glad we got there when we did because as we were leaving the wind picked up a lot and it was COLD!

The boys with their Mimi and Pops

He looks so tough. He has a mask but Gage is deathly afraid of it so Hunter left it off for a while. Such a good big brother.
Love that he is checking out his Roo in his pouch. He may have been wearing a girl Kangaroo outfit but whose to say?!!? :-) I think it was more this century type outfit where the men help out the women. Yes I am going to go with that!

See... such a mean/tough face!

The boys with their Nana, Uncle Collin, and Pawpaw

Hollins Festival and Field Trip

We decided to go to the festival in Hollins this year. We have missed the past two years and didn't want to miss this year since hopefully we will be moving down that way one of these days. We also had to go get Uncle Louie's famous sausage dog. Once we got down there we realized quickly that we don't know that many people that come to events in Hollins anymore. Looks like we have to make more friends.. haha.

Gage's reaction when he saw the big slide...Love it!

Hunter basically stayed on this slide the whole time. We had to beg him to go play some games and even eat.
My handsome little fella

Matt got to go on a field trip with Hunter's school to the pumpkin patch at Camp Hargis in Chelsea. They seemed to have had a blast and I am so glad because I was sad that I didn't get to join him and experience his first true field trip, however Mommy must work. Matt said he did great playing with his friends and experiencing all that the pumpkin patch had to offer.

Hunter and Kane playing around before having to leave to come home.

I can't believe how fast time is flying by and I am praying I get to join in on all the fun next time. Have fun sweet boy because he doesn't last long.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fayetteville Fall Festival

The boys, Matt and I went to the fall festival at Hunter's school. The boys were excited to wear their costume and we were glad to get out of the house. They had a blast at the festival.. I described it as organized chaos. haha!
Love these two boys to pieces.

This is Hunter and his classmate/friend/soccer team mate Mackenzie. She is a mess!
Gage is overwhelmed and by the mad chaos that is going on. They had two or three bouncy houses and many games and in a little gym. Wow!!
Waiting in line for his turn to bounce in the bouncy house
Gage wanted to join so bad. There were a couple of little kids in there at the time so we let him go in for just a minute or so. He was so funny when he got in.. he couldn't quite understand why the "floor" was moving :-)

Hunter and his classmate/friend/soccer team mate Cooper. He is a hoot... keeps me laughing always!
Had to share this brotherly moment after the festival. They both jumped in mine and Matt's bed and wanted to watch Netflix. Usually Gage will stay in the living room with us but this time (and a lot lately) he wanted to be with Hunter. I love it!!
Hunter and Gage at roughly the same age wearing the same outfit. We tried to get Gage to pose the same way but he wasn't having any of that. So we went for the next best pose :-)

I was off work one Friday, Gage and I cleaned out the boys room and found this Thomas blanket. Gage is into he was on cloud 9 getting to sit on the blanket with his cheerios and tea. All was right in the world to him at that point in time.
First time getting to try powdered donuts. By the look on his face I think he was fond of the taste :-)

Monday, October 27, 2014

More Soccer

More soccer pictures from this years season. They still don't keep score this year so I am not sure how many they have won or lost but they have done great in my books. All the kids are truly trying and they are having fun!

Such strong muscles!!!
Gage cheering on his big brother. He loves him dearly and does everything he does!

I can't help but wonder what in the world Gage is telling them. Must be some good stuff. ha!
Hunter scored a GOAL!!
Even Gage made friends with Hunter's friend, Connors, little brother. I see a future soccer game in the mix right now.

Love him!

They had their end of the year soccer party at the park with pizza, ice cream, chips and cupcakes. They had a blast! (Hunter looks so thrilled to be getting his trophy.. haha)

Hunter made the All Star Blue Team this year so on to All Star Practice.. YAY!!!