Sunday, August 9, 2015

4th of July weekend

4th of July celebration! It was a hot one this year so while Matt and I washed cars the boys had a blast in the kiddie pool and playing around the yard. They have such a blast together. I love hearing the laughter and conversations that go on between the two of them. It's the best ever!

 We got to spend some of the weekend cooking out with family and going to Mrs. Lovie's to swim. Hunter is getting better at swimming by himself and Gage is fearless. I love his puddle jumper life jacket. It truly holds him up and lets him be free. It's a good thing too because he never stops jumping in.  Hunter is doing great... he is gaining confidence and can swim really good underwater as well!

 I love how Hunter truly watches over Gage and wants to make sure he is ok. Such a sweetie!
 Hunter showing off his skills with a side jump!!

 I laugh at this picture because it's one of the only ones we got of Gage actually standing in line. Normally he pushes the person in front of him off the diving board or he will jump right in front of them. For once he stood in line. However he doesn't look too thrilled about that part though :-)

 My mom was gracious enough to snag a couple of pictures for us of Matt's side of the family. The last time they had a picture together our boys weren't even born. Actually I think Matt and I had just gotten married. It's been a long time coming!

 Silly girls Michaela and Ava!

School Field Trip and Sweet Summer Time!

I am very late posting but these past few months have been crazy busy. At the end of the school year Matt, Gage and myself had the honor of attending Hunter's last field trip as a Kindergartener. We had a blast at the Montgomery Zoo! Gage was right up there with them acting like he was a big boy. It was too funny but wore him out quickly.  I can't believe that Hunter is no longer a Kindergartener but very proud of the smart and wonderful boy he has become. I am also thankful for a job that allows me to be able to be apart of these events in his life.

What better way to start off your summer than a water day outside. Water guns, water spray ball and kiddie pool. Great way to cool off in what we thought was hot weather. Little did we know it was only going to get hotter this summer. Normally the heat is great and to be expected, however this year seemed to have been different. It was way to hot to do much of anything without about going crazy and drenched in sweat. I am so ready for Fall!!

Brothers fighting off the big spray ball with their "guns". Atleast they are a team!! :-)

Vacation Bible School time! Hunter had so much fun and was truly looking forward to this week. He always has a great time with his friends and enjoys the music and singing. Gage participated some but not the whole week. We were proud he even went a day or two.

Not sure what was wrong.. guess the music was too loud :-)

Hunter was such a good big brother and showed Gage the ins and outs of VBS. He tried to help him by coloring with him and showing him where you drop your change in the bucket each night.

Sweet brother reading to his little brother one morning. Gage loves Hunter to pieces and wants him near at all times. Life with two boys can be a challenge but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am so glad God blessed us with them because their bond is unbreakable. I hope it stays that way and they always stay close.

Their sweet Daddy took them fishing. Hunter loved it but Gage wasn't so sure at first. He didn't want that fish to touch him :-) He soon warmed up and joined in on the fun!

Of course they had to go a few days later. Matt knew I have had a rough week and not sleeping much so he snuck out with the boys to go fishing so that I could sleep in. I am so blessed beyond measure.

Look at that fish!!!