Sunday, April 6, 2014

Opening Day and First Baseball Game

Baseball season is in full force and we couldn't be having any more fun! Hunter decided he wanted to play this year on the 3&4 year old league and was proudly put on the Cardinals team. He has had a blast at practice and was even more thrilled to learn that one of his classmates was on his team. In this league they don't have outs or strikes. Each player gets to bat and once they hit the ball they get to get on base. This year it's really all about letting them blow of energy and somewhat learn some things about baseball.

Isn't he just the cutest little baseball player ever? :-)

 He has to pick this flowers any time he sees them. He will run almost a mile if he has to just to be able to pick one. He is a mess!
 Family photo on the bright/sunny Saturday morning for Opening Ceremonies.

 Love this two..

 I thought it was so funny how I could only get maybe 2 serious pictures of the team. The other ones they are being typical boys (and girls)!

 Matt is such a wonderful Daddy. Although he is already so busy he finds it in his schedule to help coach. I know it means the world to Hunter and honestly means the world to me to know how blessed I am.

 Of course Gage enjoyed watching his big brother play :-)

 Yay he got a hit!

Coaches even find time during the game to tie the shoes for the other team. What great sportsmanship!
 So darn cute...

 Hunter with his buddy Zayden

 Guess he didn't get all of his energy out because after the game all the other players were in the dug out and my poor kid was still running around.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring is finally here

Goodbye Winter and Hello Spring! I never thought I would be so ready for a new season but this year has been a crazy cold winter. After spending the afternoon celebrating our friends' daughters, Gabby and Katherine's, birthday we spent the rest of the day soaking up the sun. Love my boys and I know they have missed being outside just as much as I have.

 His Mimi just bought him two brand new toys from the store and he chose to play with the box they came in and my keys. Love it!

 These two brothers love eachother to death.. Hunter has been the best big brother ever

 Now the true relationship. Gage is the mischievous second he is sweet and the next he is messing with Hunter or one of us. He is a true mess!

 Those poor legs. Hunter refuses to learn to ride a bike so at school they have tricycles and a lot of the boys just ride the bikes with their feet on the ground and walk around with the bike. The pedals hit his poor legs every time. Me personally I would either stop or learn to ride a bike but nope.. boys will be boys!
 Love my sweet family!